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An Oklahoma City Officer Fires His Weapon at a Woman Allegedly Threatening Suicide

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

Oklahoma City Police Department (Photo: Labeled for reuse)

Not long after midnight on Wednesday, September 27, 2017, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, police officers were called to an apartment complex regarding a female who was threatening to commit suicide. Two officers went to the scene and found that the woman was sitting inside a vehicle, and she was still making suicide threats. Police say the women exited the vehicle holding a handgun. One officer allegedly fired a gunshot at the woman, but the bullet missed. The other officer fired a beanbag shotgun at her twice, and she was knocked to the ground, hit by both beanbags. The officers then took the handgun away from the woman, and she was taken into custody. Police officers transported her to a local hospital for a mental health evaluation. No one was seriously hurt in the incident. The police officer who fired the gunshot at the suicidal woman has been placed on administrative leave, and an investigation is pending.

When police respond to 9-1-1 calls, unfortunately, things sometimes go very wrong. For instance, another police shooting that occurred in Oklahoma City in September involved a deaf man. Police officers were following a lead on a hit-and-run driver related to an accident with no injuries when they encountered a deaf man who was also developmentally impaired. The man had a pipe tied to one hand, which was used to protect him when encountering stray dogs. Police felt threatened by the man and allegedly shot and killed him as neighbors screamed out that the man was deaf. In Houston, Texas, recently, a woman in a nearby home was allegedly shot by police during an attempt to apprehend suspects.

It is perceived by many in the public that police officers are not held accountable for their actions to the extent that they should be. Social outcry about this matter seems to be creating different outcomes when officers blatantly use excessive force. Even if officers don’t face criminal charges when their actions are reckless, more and more counties are paying multi-million-dollar lawsuits to families of victims of alleged needless police shootings.

As with every post on this website, we are only providing information in this post and do not make any allegation or assertion that anyone acted inappropriately or engaged in misconduct.

–Guest Contributor


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Police Shoot and Kill an Alleged Disabled Man in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, as Neighbors Scream that He is Deaf

Monday, September 25th, 2017

Oklahoma City Skyline from I-35

Oklahoma City Skyline from I-35 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A tragic alleged police shooting occurred on Tuesday, September 19, 2017, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Police officers with the Oklahoma City Police Department went to the home of 35-year-old Magdiel Sanchez in response to some information about a possible hit-and-run suspect. The driver of a green truck was allegedly involved in a crash and then left the scene. Sanchez was on his front porch when police arrived. He had a pipe in his hand, and it appeared to be purposed as a “fairly large weapon,” according to police. He wasn’t just holding the pipe, however. It was tied to his wrist so that it wouldn’t easily come off, according to Police Chief Bill Citty. A police officer who showed up at the scene called for backup. Another officer arrived, and both officers allegedly shouted the command to drop the pipe. Sanchez continued to approach the officers as the officers continued yelling and neighbors yelled that Sanchez couldn’t hear. Then one officer fired his Tazer at the suspect. Only one prong hit Sanchez. At that point, the second police officer fired his handgun.  First aid was immediately administered, but Sanchez was pronounced dead at the scene.

This alleged police shooting immediately began to draw criticism. Citty explained that the officers on the scene had not been issued body cameras. The incident was not caught on any type of video until after the shooting occurred.

The officer who used the firearm is on paid administrative while the alleged police shooting is being investigated.

A family member explained that Sanchez was deaf, developmentally impaired, and couldn’t speak. He carried the pipe around to shoo away stray dogs that frequently roam the neighborhood.

Police said that it turned out that the vehicle they were checking on actually was involved in a hit-and-run incident and the driver faces a misdemeanor.

Citty said the police department has contacted the Oklahoma Association for the Deaf and requested advice on improving police training related to dealings with deaf individuals.

As with every post on this website, we are only providing information in this post and do not make any allegation or assertion that anyone acted inappropriately or engaged in misconduct.

–Guest Contributor


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Alarming Video shows Deputies Torturing an 18-year-old with a Taser

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Stun Gun (Labeled for reuse)

Tasers are used by police officers supposedly as a safer way than other methods to deal with combative suspects. A video has been released which allegedly show deputies using a Taser in a very different way. The video shows that 18-year-old Jordan Norris was allegedly strapped into a restraining chair and tasered repeatedly. Words on the video allegedly include that a law enforcement officer announced that he would continue tasering Norris until the batteries on the Taser ran out of power.

The events allegedly shown on the disturbing video occurred in November 2016 in Cheatham County, Tennessee, after Norris’s home was invaded by a SWAT team because he was suspected of selling drugs. After being arrested, Norris seemed to suffer a mental breakdown. He started banging his head against the door of the jail cell. Allegedly, police officers pulled him from his cell, strapped him into a restraint chair, and began the repeated tasering with 50,000 volts of electricity.  As Norris squirmed through the torture, the movement allegedly invited continued deployment of the Taser, also known as a “stun gun.” However, the video does not indicate that he was resisting in any way, making the shocking attack allegedly uncalled for.

Upon his release from prison, Norris was allegedly covered in burn marks that were caused by the Taser. According to a member of Norris’s family, he has more than 40 burns.

Answers were sought as to why the teen would be treated in such an allegedly savage manner. Some investigation allegedly suggests that a law enforcement official may have had a personal vendetta against the tasing victim. Comments about Norris were allegedly posted on Facebook by that official; they were personal and insulting.

The video recently released shows extended and repeated tasering of Norris, and it’s like a scene from a horrifying prison torture film. The alleged perpetrators are sworn to serve and protect citizens, not carry out acts of intentional torture.

As with every post on this website, we are only providing information in this post and do not make any allegation or assertion that anyone acted inappropriately or engaged in misconduct.

–Guest Contributor


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Incident Involving Constable Deputy in Houston

Friday, July 28th, 2017

English: 1200 Jail, the headquarters of the Ha...

English: 1200 Jail, the headquarters of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Español: El 1200 Jail (“Carcel 1200”), la sede de la Oficina del Sheriff del Condado de Harris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The actions of a constable deputy in Harris County Precinct One in Houston, Texas, have come under fire this week. The deputy approached 20-year-old African American Marlin Gipson, who was mowing lawns in his neighborhood, as part of his business. When questioned, Gipson explained that he was mowing lawns and putting business cards on residents’ doors. The police officer said there have been recent robberies in the neighborhood, and he was conducting an investigation. Gipson has accused the deputy of racially profiling him. The entire incident involved Gipson allegedly evading arrest and allegedly being severely bitten by a police dog in his home. In addition, two of his brothers were arrested and his sister, age 13, was handcuffed. Part of the interaction between Gipson and the deputy were recorded on video and posted on social media.

The interaction between the deputy and Gipson took a turn when Gipson was asked for his identification. He said he didn’t have any and then allegedly gave a fake name. Gipson asked the deputy for his name and information, and at that point the officer pulled out his handcuffs. Gipson fled the scene and the deputy called for backup.

Another deputy for Precinct One saw the suspect near an address a witness had provided to the police. The homeowner allowed deputies to enter, and Gipson was discovered hiding in a closet. He allegedly refused to exit the closet. At that time, deputies allegedly subdued him with both a K-9 unit and a Taser. Gipson was arrested on charges of evading arrest and failing to identify himself.

Records show that it was determined when Gipson was fingerprinted at the Harris County Jail that there was a warrant out for his arrest allegedly in association with a 2015 assault case as well as two cases of resisting arrest in April 2017, which are still pending.

A great deal of social media attention has already been given to this incident.  Photos that claim to be pictures of the dog bites Gipson suffered due to the K-9 attack are posted, and there is some fundraising to support him as he returns to college classes and his business.

It is being claimed by some on social media that police won’t even leave members of the black community alone when they are busy doing “something productive.”

Constable Allen Rosen of Precinct One spoke on the incident, alleging that Gipson’s claims are false.

As with every post on this website, we are only providing information in this post and do not make any allegation or assertion that anyone acted inappropriately or engaged in misconduct.

–Guest Contributor


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Police Use a Taser on a Suicidal Arlington Man Doused in Gasoline, and Flames Immediately Engulf the Man and the Room

Monday, July 10th, 2017

On Monday afternoon, July 10, 2017, Arlington police officers were called to a home on Carla Avenue regarding an attempted suicide. When they arrived, they discovered a man threatening suicide and already doused in gasoline. Sgt. Vanessa Harrison of the Arlington Police Department says that as communication with the police officers ensued, the man reportedly poured more gasoline on himself and began to act in a frantic manner. Harrison said the man appeared to be holding a lighter in one hand. To subdue the man, a police officer deployed a Taser, and the man and the room they were in immediately become engulfed in flames. According to Harrison, it is not clear whether it was the Taser or whether it was something ignitable in the man’s hand that caused the fire to ignite.

Three people from the home were outside and no one else was inside the home at the time the flames erupted, other than the police and the suicidal man. Police reportedly took the man out of the house through a window immediately. They also began working to put out the flames.

The suicidal man allegedly had a warrant out for his arrest, on alleged charges of family violence. He was transported to a local hospital, and there isn’t a report of his condition so far.

Three police officers were treated for smoke inhalation, and all are expected to fully recover.

As with every post on this website, we are only providing information in this post and do not make any allegation or assertion that anyone acted inappropriately or engaged in misconduct.

–Guest Contributor


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On a Domestic Disturbance Call, an Armed Man is Allegedly Fatally Shot by Amarillo Police

Thursday, June 29th, 2017


On Tuesday night, June 27, 2017, a police officer with the Amarillo Police Department (APD) allegedly shot and killed 35-year-old Jason Magana Herrera while responding to a domestic violence and trespassing call. The deadly incident occurred west of the Tri-State Fairgrounds at the Nelson Street Apartments. At about 6:07 p.m., police arrived at the scene. Officers encountered Herrera in the parking lot of the apartments, and they attempted to detain him. Herrera allegedly fought with the officers, and a Taser was allegedly used in an attempt to get him under control. According to the Amarillo Police Department, Herrera pulled out the Taser probes and escaped the officers. At that point, Herrera allegedly pulled out a handgun from somewhere on his person, ran from the police briefly, and then turned and allegedly directed the gun at the police. A news release from APD says that one police officer allegedly fired his handgun at Herrera, as a way of protecting himself and the other officer at the scene. The number of times he allegedly fired was not specified. Herrera was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police reported that a gun allegedly used to threaten police officers was recovered at the scene. Also, the call for police assistance was made by a woman who supposedly knew Herrera. One of the officers suffered minor injuries during the altercation with Herrera. At a local hospital, the officer was treated and released.

According to a witness at the apartments, four or five gunshots were fired during the incident.

Both of the officers at the scene are now on paid administrative leave, and the incident is being investigated.

As with every post on this website, we are only providing information in this post and do not make any allegation or assertion that anyone acted inappropriately or engaged in misconduct.

–Guest Contributor


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Hundreds Protest the Alleged Deadly Police Shooting of a Pregnant Woman in Seattle

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

English: The top of the Space Needle in Seattl...

English: The top of the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington Deutsch: Turmkorb und Spitze der Space Needle, in Seattle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Police officers allegedly shot and killed a pregnant African American woman in her home Sunday night, June 18, 2017, while responding to a burglary call in Seattle, Washington. According to police, one police officer typically goes to a burglary scene, but there had been an incident at that address earlier in June in which the same woman, Charleena Lyles, had allegedly threatened an officer with shears. The 30-year-old mother of four weighed under 100 pounds and police could have easily overpowered her rather than using lethal force, her family says. They also say Lyles had mental problems. On Tuesday night, hundreds gathered in a vigil and rally to protest Lyles’ death and demand justice.

Police transcripts indicate that the officers engaged in a discussion about a supposedly stolen X-Box when they got to the apartment, and then the scene took a dramatic turn. One of the officers addressed Lyles, repeatedly telling her to get back. Then the other officer asked for quick back-up and said help was needed and a woman had two knives.

One officer told the other to Tase the woman, and the response was that he didn’t have a Taser. There were more commands to get back, by both officers. Then both officers allegedly fired shots.

The officers immediately called for medics. When they arrived, Lyles was declared dead. Lyles’ children were in the apartment, but Lyles was the only person harmed. Relatives took custody of the children.

According to the Seattle Police Department, the officers did have other equipment providing them with options that did not involve lethal force. Both of the officers had been through training for crisis intervention.

–Guest Contributor


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Police Misconduct Lawyer – For use of a Stun Gun During an Arrest, an Austin, Texas Police Officer is Suspended for 20 Days

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

English: Clinton Warren Hunter Austin Police S...

English: Clinton Warren Hunter Austin Police South Substation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Austin Police Department (APD) has suspended an officer for 20 days, after he allegedly used a stun gun to shock a suspect who was not resisting arrest. The suspension is from June 14 through June 26, 2017. In addition, the officer has agreed to undergo evaluation by an APD psychologist. Police Chief Brian Manley says the officer is also under departmental probation for one year. If, during that time, the officer repeats the alleged behavior or does anything like it, he faces losing his job, with no right to appeal.

The officer who allegedly stun-gunned a suspect who wasn’t resisting at the time has been with APD since 1994. On January 17, 2017, he was working the Property Crimes Task Force. He and other officers were trying to locate a burglary-of-a-habitation suspect who had an active warrant. In northeast Austin, they found the man and attempted an arrest. The man managed to escape in an automobile. Later the suspect was trying to escape police on foot, and that was when he was captured.

Chief Manley says the suspect had been handcuffed and was face-down on the ground. He was not trying to assault an officer, and he was not actively resisting arrest. During this time, the now-suspended police officer allegedly took an action without first advising the suspect or other officers. He ran over to the suspect and allegedly held the stun gun to the man’s back for five seconds, which is referred to as “drive-stunning.”

Chief Manley wrote that the officer did not use the stun gun in an objectively reasonable manner.  The United States Supreme Court has determined that excessive force claims are to be examined based on objective reasonableness.

A video of the alleged drive-stunning incident was released on the Internet and went viral, causing widespread public outrage.

–Guest Contributor


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Family of Teen Shot by Police to Receive $850,000 from the City of Arlington

Thursday, May 25th, 2017

English: Student Center at Angelo State University

English: Student Center at Angelo State University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was announced on May 23, 2017, that the City of Arlington, Texas, has agreed to pay $850,000 to the family of Christian Taylor, in settlement of a wrongful death lawsuit. On August 7, 2015, 19-year-old Taylor, an unarmed African American, was allegedly fatally shot by an Arlington, Texas, police officer during a suspected burglary. The police officer who allegedly shot Taylor was fired from his job two days later. In June 2016, the Tarrant County Grand Jury voted not to take action against the former Arlington officer for the events leading to Taylor’s death.

The events leading to the alleged police shooting were largely caught on surveillance videos, though the shooting itself was not. At about 1 am, 6-foot-tall, 180-pound Taylor, a football player at Angelo State University, drove up to a car dealership in his own vehicle. Video footage shows that he allegedly began smashing windows on several of the cars in the lot.

Six officers with the Arlington Police Department showed up at the scene, having been called by a security guard. The officers discovered that the suspect had driven his car through the window of the dealership and was in the showroom on foot. A 49-year-old officer, a rookie who was still on probation who lacked policing experience, pursued Taylor inside the dealership. The rest of the officers stayed outside.

The officer claims that he confronted the suspect and ordered him to get on the ground. Taylor allegedly did not comply but began advancing toward the officer. At this point, the field training officer had entered the dealership and was preparing to deploy his Taser when the rookie allegedly shot Taylor from a distance of 7 to 10 feet. The suspect allegedly continued to approach, and the officer shot his gun at Taylor three more times.

The Arlington police chief said, four days after the deadly incident, that the rationale expressed for using deadly force raised serious concerns.

Family and friends of Taylor saw footage of his behavior that night, and they all said he was obviously not behaving like himself.

–Guest Contributor


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