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Matagorda County Sheriff’s Department Shooting of Mentally Ill Man

Thursday, December 7th, 2017

68-year-old Chester Randolph Ward was shot to death by the Matagorda County Sheriff’s Department on or about November 16, 2017.  Information contained in this post was extracted from a custodial death report filed by the Matagorda County Sheriff’s Department with the Attorney General of Texas.  We make no allegations as to any wrongdoing but are simply providing information.

Allegedly, for approximately 2 days prior to the shooting, Mr. Ward continually called “911” and a Sheriff’s Department administrative line cursing and making nonsensical statements.  It was apparently evident to officers that Mr. Ward had mental issues.  Several officers therefore went to Mr. Ward’s residence for a welfare check.  Allegedly, Mr. Ward stated that if officers entered the residence, he would either kill the officers or make them kill him.  Officers apparently left Mr. Ward’s home.

The next day, Mr. Ward allegedly continued calling and also threatened to shoot police officers on sight and/or at cars on the road going by his residence.  The Sheriff’s Department then obtained a warrant.  Family members indicated that Mr. Ward had mental issues and had recently threatened a person bringing food to his home.  Deputies served the warrant, and allegedly were shot at by Mr. Ward (who was using a rifle).  Two officers returned fire, firing a total of seven rounds.  All seven rounds hit Mr. Ward, and he allegedly died almost immediately.  The Texas Rangers are investigating the shooting death.


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